Shipping and Charges

Shipping and Charges

Standard shipping

As far as possible according to dimensions and weight of your order we will ship as an insured parcel.

Express shipping

Express shipments as well as time definite deliveries are possible in most cases at an extra charge. Please let us know when you place your order.
The order confirmation will indicate whether an express shipment is possible for your order and shipping address. Feel free to enquire in advance as well.

Shipping costs

The final shipping costs will be stated in the order confirmation. Shipping costs shown in the online shop are for informational purposes only and may differ from the actual charges.

Packaging costs

For standard shipments that can be shipped as a standard cardboard box, we do not charge extra packaging costs.
For shipments that require additional packaging or loading tackles due to their nature, shape, or size, we will bill these separately.

Alternative shippers / Shipping on your customer number.

We collaborate with all of the established parcel and express services, so, if you wish, we can ship your order using your preferred provider.
Upon request, we can also have shipping billed to your existing customer number with the shipper. In this case, we will not charge you any separate shipping costs.

Freight Forwarders

Heavy shipments and those with unusual shapes or large dimensions will be shipped by freight forwarder.